Expresso - A Warehouse You Control

Posted by Sales on 18th June, 2024

Virtual Warehouse

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By linking to our 'Expresso' system we provide solutions integrating your business with our warehouse giving you 24 hour control, with the ability to place orders over the Internet.

'Expresso' provides you with daily information on your orders, shipping details and stock holding in real time.

'Expresso' allows you to set stock controls individually on all items, with automatic emailed reminders when stock holding is getting low.

'Expresso' integrates with your online store or systems - providing automated transfer of orders.

In a nut shell 'Expresso' gives you the ability to place, track, and change orders via a 'two-way' mirror interface, designed from the ground up, to assist your online store or business.

We are Internet trading experts, equaly at home receiving orders by email, phone, fax, or manually entered through 'Expresso', and dealing swiftly with all orders received. Coupled with fast reporting and stock information your business remains smooth, efficient and above all - 'In Control'

We are your workforce - a team for your business - controlled straight from your computer keyboard or smart phone.

Call us to find out more about our Expresso System. 01435 868000